“Accruit’s 1031 services are an important part of our strategy at Mustang in that they allow us to reinvest in the business rather than pay taxes currently. This reinvestment has helped drive growth and given us flexibility in tackling our competition. We count on Accruit’s services year in and year out.”

Brad Tucker, President and Dealer Principal, Mustang CAT

You’ll LKE what Accruit can do for your cash flow.

America’s heavy equipment industry today faces an unusual set of challenges. Business is tight for most of its customers and everyone is looking for creative ways of driving and managing profitability. Further, the new administration’s intent to invest heavily in public works and infrastructure could mean the most explosive opportunity for growth in decades for construction-oriented clients.

In all cases, access to operating capital and a powerful cash management strategy are major keys to success – for both equipment dealers and their customers. Fortunately, there’s a tried and true strategy for dramatically increasing cash flow – 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges (LKEs), which allow companies like yours to keep your cash and invest it back into your business.

Accruit is the qualified intermediary for many of the most successful equipment dealers in the U.S., assisting them in creating millions of dollars in cash flow – funds they are reinvesting in their businesses. Whether you’re conducting one transaction a year or several a month, whether you’re best served by a series of single exchanges or a comprehensive repetitive program, Accruit has a solution that will help you keep your cash at work in your business.

For more information on how 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges can help your business, please contact us at 303.865.7300 or info@accruit.com.