“After hearing the advantages our clients will achieve by leveraging our combined services, it made perfect sense to partner with Accruit. I talk to CFOs on a regular basis and what our combined companies are able to offer fits perfectly with management’s overall objectives – a convenient way to decrease carrying costs associated with idle assets, alleviate the gains associated with selling common equipment, while increasing capital. What company would want to turn that down?”

Boyd Heath, Chairman and CEO, Network International, Inc.

Proven tax deferral strategies for America’s evolving energy industry.

A wide range of analysts have recently commented on the changes facing America’s energy industries, noting everything from the threat of dependence on foreign oil to environmental concerns to aging infrastructure, and then some.

In short, oil and gas firms across the nation are facing significant changes on top of their already-steep operations costs, and the bottom line boils down to cash: access to operating capital and a powerful asset management strategy are going to remain major keys to success for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, there’s a tried and true strategy for driving cash flow—1031 Like-Kind Exchanges, which allow companies like yours to keep your cash and invest it back into the business. Accruit has acted as the qualified intermediary for successful businesses in more than 20 industries, assisting them in deferring over a billion dollars in tax liability. If you’re interested in hearing more, contact us for a free benefit analysis. Let us show you how 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges can help your company maximize cash flow while minimizing risk and administrative burden.