“NationaLease recommends you consider Accruit as your LKE service provider. Based on Accruit’s commitment to the truck rental and leasing industry, their success creating significant cash flow for their clients, and their ability to work effectively and efficiently with tax advisors, NationaLease recommends its owners strongly consider Accruit when evaluating their LKE service provider options.”

CFO, NationaLease

Proven tax deferral strategies for America’s transportation enterprises.

It’s hard work in running an efficient rail, marine, air, automotive or truck business, and success depends on access to available cash and credit. In a challenging market like the one we face right now you need every dollar available, and it’s more important than ever that you take advantage of all potential sources of capital.

Fortunately, there’s a tried and true strategy for driving cash flow, even in tight economic times: Accruit’s patented 1031 Like-Kind Exchange process can significantly increase your access to cash by helping to defer taxes normally paid each year. Accruit has acted as the qualified intermediary for many of the most successful businesses in the U.S. – including winning companies in transportation, leasing, auto/truck rental and over 20 other industries, as well – assisting them in deferring millions of dollars in tax liability.

Let us show you how 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges can help your company keep your cash working for your business. For a free benefit analysis or more information about 1031s and the Transportation industry, contact us at 866.397.1031 or info@accruit.com.