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Bankers EscrowIn June 2016, Accruit acquired the assets of Bankers Escrow Corporation, one of the largest full service escrow companies in Colorado. Since 1991, Bankers Escrow has been an escrow agent for tax and insurance reserves, installment land contract and wrap-around mortgage servicing, lease to purchase arrangements, software code escrows, and document and cash holding escrows. Additional escrow services offered are construction draw escrows, business and assumption closing services, and private placements.

All current escrow officers transferred to the Accruit-owned Bankers Escrow, LLC, where they continue to provide all current escrow services, ensuring consistency of service and processing. Qualified intermediary and exchange accommodation titleholder services for 1031 like-kind exchange clients will continue to be provided by Bankers Escrow and Accruit.

Mary Lou Schwab

Bankers Escrow Corporation vice president, Mary Lou Schwab, joined Accruit in a consulting role, bringing 30 years of real estate tax accounting, tax deferred exchange, and escrow experience. Ms. Schwab is also a Certified Exchange Specialist through the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, a licensed CPA, and an educator in real estate taxation and 1031 exchange continuing education classes for Colorado realtors.

Escrow Services

1031 Exchange Services

Bankers Escrow has provided exchange facilitation services for both simple forward exchanges as well as complex reverse and build-to-suit exchanges.  These services will also be expanded under Accruit's ownership, with more exchange structures being offered and with services being provided in all 50 states.  Simple exchanges will be serviced by Bankers Escrow, LLC and complex parking exchanges will be provided by Accruit Exchange Accommodation Services.

More about 1031 Exchange and Escrow Services

Contact Bankers Escrow

With the acquisition, Bankers Escrow's service location moved to Downtown Denver and is now located at:

1331 17th Street, Suite 1250
Denver, CO 80202

Please note that other contact information for Bankers Escrow remains unchanged:

(303) 986-4848 phone

(800) 571-6595 toll-free

(303) 986-4761 fax


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