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Since 1997, North Star Deferred Exchange (North Star) has been a national provider of Qualified Intermediary (QI) and Exchange Accommodation Titleholder (EAT) services for complex exchanges of both real and personal property, specializing in reverse, build-to-suit and improvement exchanges. North Star was founded by Martin Edwards, who has remained its president since inception.  In April 2007, North Star was acquired by Marshall & Ilsley Corporation (M&I), which was later acquired by BMO Financial Corp. (BMO) in July of 2011.

In September 2011, North Star was acquired by Accruit, LLC.  The acquisition of North Star by Accruit enabled the two companies to leverage their combined experience to provide the exchange industry with one of the broadest service offerings available.  Further, the new ownership structure provided an opportunity to offer specialized services to clients with dedicated experts focused on personal property, real estate and franchise exchanges.

Our Real Estate & Franchise Exchange Services

  • Simultaneous Exchange: In a simultaneous exchange the relinquished property and the replacement property transfer concurrently, often structured with the involvement of a Qualified Intermediary to enable the property owner to take advantage of that Safe Harbor.
  • Forward Exchange: In a forward exchange, or forward delayed exchange, the exchanger first sells the relinquished property, then acquires the replacement property within the earlier of 180 days of the sale date or the tax filing due date (as may be extended).
  • Reverse Exchange: When an exchanger is unable to sell the relinquished property before purchasing the replacement asset, the exchanger can structure the transaction as a reverse exchange using an Exchange Accommodation Titleholder.
  • Improvement or Build-to-Suit Exchange: An exchanger can purchase replacement property and use some of the proceeds to make improvements to the asset as long as the exchange is structured as a “build-to-suit” or improvement exchange with an Exchange Accommodation Titleholder. This process is often used to renovate an existing building or to construct a new building on vacant land.  These complex exchanges may be either forward or reverse in nature.
  • Franchise Services: Tax deferred exchanges are beneficial tools to franchise owners when it comes time to sell an existing franchise in favor of adding one or more new locations.

Independent Member or Special Member Services

  • Special Member Services:  Special member, independent manager, springing member, independent director or independent member (Special Member) services are structures which provide bankruptcy remoteness for the benefit of a lender. 


President: Martin S. Edwards
Vice-President: Brent C. Abrahm
Vice-President: Melissa A. Salazar
Vice-President: Karen Kemerling
Vice-President: Jacqueline Esha
Vice-President: Tracey Wilson
Secretary: Melissa A. Salazar

North Star Deferred Exchange LLC is in compliance with all applicable state regulatory requirements for qualified intermediaries. For more information click here.

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