FEA 2017 Annual Conference

Event Main Info

We're looking forward to joining other Federation of Exchange Accommodator (FEA) members in San Diego to discuss issues relevant to like-kind exchanges and the 1031 industry at the FEA's annual conference from September 13-15.

Accruit CEO Brent Abrahm will be co-leading a Government Affairs Committee update; Accruit EVP and General Counsel Martin Edwards will take FEA members through a 1031 Reverse Exchange Unlike property or non-qualifying property such as securities, cash, notes, partnership interests, etc. Taxpayer who receives boot ("unlike" property) will have to recognize gain to the extent of the net boot received or realized gain, whichever is less. Boot Camp; and Accruit Vice President and FEA President Steve Chacon will lead a session on Identification Issues.

Download the FEA 2017 conference brochure or learn more at 1031.org.