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IRS Private Letter Ruling 200148042

For Customer to obtain the benefits of the safe harbor rules of Rev. Proc. 2000-37, the transaction need only fit within the confines of the safe harbor rules. Assuming the boundaries of the safe harbor rules are not exceeded, Customer is entitled to enjoy the protection afforded to all compliant taxpayers by these rules, notwithstanding inconsistent treatment or characterization under state or local law.

IRS Private Letter Ruling 200236026

A, a wholly owned subsidiary of B, is engaged in the business of m. A, a calendar year taxpayer, files a consolidated income tax return as part of an affiliated group of corporations. All of the corporations in the affiliated group use the accrual method of accounting.

A’s business requires it to periodically dispose of certain properties and/or equipment, some of which is co-owned by other parties, and reinvest in like-kind property. A seeks to characterize the transactions as non-taxable exchanges under § 1031.