16th Kratovil Conference on Real Estate Law & Practice

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Today, Accruit Associate General Counsel Jordan Born joins scholars, practitioners and other industry professionals at the 16th Kratovil Conference on Real Estate Law & Practice at The John Marshall Law School to discuss potential changes in land use to meet the needs of the commercial real estate industry.

From the conference titled, An Inflection Point in Land Development? Private & Public Conditions Considered:

Privately created restrictions on use and affirmative responsibilities—those covenants running with the land—structure condominiums and homeowner associations, retail shopping centers, and other real property in such a way that the rights and duties of owners and users stand in the way of the future needs of society. Likewise in the public sector, established land development conditions—exactions, impact fees, in-lieu fees—that may have once made sense may no longer support today's land-use goals and policies.