• Escrow Services from Bankers Escrow

    Escrow Services from Bankers Escrow

    Accruit-owned Bankers Escrow facilitates all types of commercial and individual escrow transactions.

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  • 1031s Build America

    1031s Build America

    Companies are once again growing, reinvesting, and expanding, and 1031 exchanges provide an affordable pathway to acquire these assets.

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  • How to Choose a Qualified Intermediary for your 1031 Exchange

    Choosing a QI

    The use of a qualified intermediary is essential to completing a successful 1031 exchange. Know who can and cannot act in that capacity.

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  • Bonus Depreciation, 1031 Exchange or Both?

    Bonus Depreciation, 1031 Exchange or Both?

    Bonus Deprecation does not impact the overall cash benefit, merely its timing.

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The Leader in 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges

Accruit is the nation’s leading qualified intermediary for personal property exchanges, specializing in high-volume like-kind exchange programs and providing taxpayers a single facilitator for all types of real estate, personal property and franchise exchanges. Accruit provides the broadest service offering in the 1031 industry with specialized and dedicated teams for each of our areas of concentration.

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Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 allows property owners to defer the taxes associated with the sale of their real estate that has been held for business or investment purposes when the proceeds are reinvested in replacement property.

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1031 exchanges, or like-kind exchanges, are not limited to exchanges of real property. Exchanges of personal property assets that are held for use in a trade or business or for investment purposes are equally viable and often underutilized.

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Companies with ongoing exchanges of multiple depreciable assets such as trucks, tractors, trailers, construction or agricultural equipment or rail cars benefit by incorporating a 1031 like-kind exchange program into their asset management and tax strategies.

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