Like-Kind Exchange News Round-Up, June 29 – July 11

The preservation of a nearly-century old tax law brings varied voices to the forefront. Like-kind exchanges help small business and stimulate the economy.
Farms 1031 like-kind exchanges

What brings farmers, small business owners, and legislators together to speak out about tax reform? Like-kind exchanges do.

In this week's round-up of 1031 news, Judd Vande Voorte, a fifth generation farmer, calls like-kind exchanges "a continuous circle of economic stimulus and liquidity" and cites a recent study showing that like-kind exchange repeal would shrink overall U.S. GDP by $61 billion to $131 billion over the next ten years. Ben Mattlin, in his Financial Advisor article, quotes one estimate that shows like-kind exchange repeal could raise $41 billion in tax revenue within 10 years but is also quick to point out the long-term negative consequences to the U.S. economy. Carrie Roider, CEO of Erb Equipment, a John Deere distributor, calls like-kind exchanges "a win-win for the country." And don't miss Representative Steve Stivers' support of like-kind exchanges in The Hill.

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1031 'Like-Kind' The transfer of the relinquished property to the Qualified Intermediary, and the receipt of the replacement property from the Qualified Intermediary is considered an exchange. To be compliant with IRC Section 1031, the transaction must be properly structured, rather than being a sale to one party followed by a purchase from another party. Exchange s Are Under Fire. Again - Financial Advisor