Retain Like-Kind Exchanges in Tax Reform - Op-Ed

Like-kind exchanges represent a key economic driver and have for more than 90 years. In this op-ed, Brent Abrahm cautions against their repeal.
Like-Kind Exchanges Enable Small Business, Stimulate Economy - Op-Ed

Excerpted from the Denver Business Journal, "Beware changes in 'like-kind' transactions under proposed federal tax reform":

Rarely do the interests of small businesses owners and a broad range of local entrepreneurs agree with almost a century of federal income tax policy – especially when it results in billions of dollars in taxes being paid.

But luckily for the economy, they do.

The trouble is, this powerful economic driver is now in real danger as Congress and the Trump Administration grapple with the twin dilemmas of tax reform and a threadbare federal budget that would put such long-term investments and incentives at risk.

Read Accruit CEO Brent Abrahm's op-ed at the Denver Business Journal