Exchange Manager Pro℠

What are Managed Services?

Accruit’s Managed Services offering facilitates back-office processing, embedded Qualified Intermediary (QI) functionality and administration, reporting, tracking and funds management for 1031 like-kind exchanges. Managed Services leverage Exchange Manager Pro℠, a proprietary, online, secured application, and a team of exchange professionals, freeing Exchange Facilitators to consult and communicate with clientele and grow their exchange businesses.

What is an Exchange Facilitator?

An Exchange Facilitator is an independent consultant and the main point of contact with exchangers regarding 1031 exchanges in the marketplace. Exchange Facilitators are often Title Companies, Banks, Wealth Advisors and other Qualified Intermediaries. Although Exchange Facilitators can be diverse in nature, they all have a common desire to focus their attention and resources on growing their core business while also participating in a value-added service for their customers. When administering exchanges through Exchange Manager Pro℠, the Exchange Facilitator will not be the QI on the exchange but will have access to the application as the exchange lead.

Technology to Scale Service

Who Uses Managed Services

Exchange Facilitators are well versed in 1031 exchange, but wish to focus their resources on growing their core business:
  • Boutique qualified intermediaries who manage between five and 30 exchanges each month.
  • Title companies who may want more efficiencies in their current exchange business or want to begin offering QI services.
  • Attorneys, accountants, and banks who accommodate 1031 exchanges as an additional service.
  • New entrants into the 1031 industry, such as wealth advisors, who have a network and practice focused around potential exchangers but may lack experience, resources or background to offer a full suite of QI services.

Patented Cloud-Based Automated Back-Office 1031 QI Solution

Better Customer Experience
More back-office automation means more time with the client
More Transparency
Instant access to exchange information for clients and their advisors through an online portal
Safe & Secure
Easy movement of funds from segregated accounts; heavily encrypted client data

Your Back-Office, Managed

  • Cloud-based qualified intermediary services
  • Significant revenue stream: up to 50% referral fee
  • Secured, 24/7 access for the Exchange Facilitator
  • Document prep: assignment and exchange agreements and designation notice
  • Exchange funds segregated on behalf of the Exchange Facilitator with sub-accounting per exchange
  • Clients of the Exchange Facilitator remain clients of the Exchange Facilitator
  • 1031 technical support from CES® and exchange attorneys
  • Document retention and retrieval
  • Electronic signature functionality  
  • Branded communication between Exchange Facilitator and their client
  • Complete suite of reports, including final exchange report
  • Timely email notifications on exchange progress to the exchanger and Exchange Facilitator, including:
    • 45-day and 180-day exchange period reminders
    • Assignment notifications and instructions for relinquished and replacement properties
    • Confirmation of funds credited and confirmation of funds received
    • Upcoming bank holidays
    • Executed exchange documents

The Accruit Difference

Trusted Stewards of Capital

Experience managing up to $9 billion annually in exchange transactions

Solution Knowledge

Successful history of relationships with market leading companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Relationship Management Pros

1031 Corporate Program Clients include Fortune 100 companies
Highest Customer Service Score in the industry

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