Huntin' Land Podcast: How to Defer Capital Gains Tax on A Land Sale

Accruit's Max Hansen and Jonathan Barge joined Joe Baya, Butch Thierry, and Clint Flowers on a recent episode of the Huntin' Land Podcast, How to Defer Calculation of the difference between the sales price of the relinquished property less selling expenses and less the adjusted basis of the relinquished property. Capital Gain s Tax on a Land Sale. 

Episode Overview

In this episode, Jonathan Barge and Max Hansen of Accruit discuss the 1031 exchange and how it can be used to defer capital gains tax on a land sale. They discuss the advantages of this tax-deferred exchange, the timeline for each step of the process, the rules specific to land and its different types, a reverse 1031 exchange if they ever advise people not to do a 1031, the role of a 1031 exchange intermediary and how much it would cost. Tune in to get all the details on how to successfully start, complete and navigate a 1031 exchange on land. Enjoy the show!

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